This residence is located on Filopappou Hill, near the Acropolis, in a densely built environment, amongst neoclassical buildings and more modern builds.
Year: 2005

The single-family residence was designed over the traces of an old residence that existed previously on that plot. The street elevations, the garden and the high fence were preserved, allowing the neighbourhood to keep the memory of the old house.  The new volume of the house is recessed from the street’s building line, while, along the south-eastern elevation, a wooden cube contains the bedrooms and protects them from the heat and noise.The basic intent of the composition is to protect day-to-day life in the house from the road and the densely built-up environment and to create an introverted shell along the boundaries of the plot, where internal and external spaces communicate and merge.The 220 sq.m. residence is built on a sharply inclined 170 sq.m. corner plot. The residence unfolds over three levels and a basement. The entrance is through the yard.The floor plan of the ground floor is L-shaped, with a purity of functional arrangement, and curves around the internal yard. The ground floor is where the daytime areas are located, and these communicate with the yard through large-scale sliding glass doors, creating the sense of a single space. A concrete fireplace bench creates a linear element as it extends through to the outdoors and transforms from a fireplace in the house interior, to a curve with running water and then into a planted zone.A feature of the residence is its permeability: wherever you are within the house you can perceive its dimensions and its boundaries, as well as the external environment.The staircase and lift form the nucleus of the house. The transparent wall of the elevator allows for a vertical tour / section of the building. On the floor where the bedrooms are located, the building becomes more introverted. Private space is protected by smaller openings, sliding panels, shades that can be opened, all of which delimit the view and regulate natural light.The final portion of the staircase leads, through a low sliding construction, to a terrace with a view of the Acropolis, Filopappou hill, mount Lycabettus and the sea.The partially submerged basement of the house, which has independent access due to the height differential, is where the garage and auxiliary spaces are located. The water space, which is also on the same level, is lit through a glass surface in the yard. The wooden flooring folds back and transforms into a wave-shaped seating area.The weight-bearing structure is mostly made of reinforced concrete, supplemented by metal elements.The materials used are colour facings, visible concrete. Most of the furnishings were purpose built.