January 2022


Excited to be rehabilitating the house that once belonged to the royal secretary! Located in a special site, accomodating an ancient aquaduc, with a small river passing through!


September 2021


We are more than happy to convert 50 acres of  rich crops to a special place where growers and visitors will gather to share knowledge of the land. Skala, Lakonia.


June 2021


New project in Koroni… coming up soon!


April 2020


Proud of our project Maina in Mani, Peloponnese, becoming an inspiration for this article in Dwell as a sustainable example in difficult covid-19 times


March 2020


Our project Yoik of Taygetus – Top Project on Architizer

Yoik of Taygetus was selected as one of the best projects on Architizer this month! Our work has been published in the renowned Projects Newsletter, which features the world’s best architecture each week.


February 2020


A new site to explore in Kithira! Thrilled to start drawing with a view of the Archipelago in mind!


January 2020


We have proudly completed the Yoik of Taygetus!!Visit the link to view the full project!


December 2019


Single family luxury residence in Eleutheroupoli, Kavala. Next step, construction!


October 2019


Glad to participate as jury member in the Bucharest Triennale East Centric Architecture 2019.

Jury >>

Bucharest  Triennale >>

May 2019


Down the cistern of an old grocery store in Mani, a field discovery on the process of transformation!


March 2019


We are excited to begin the renovation of 4 traditional houses in the heart of Mani!

January 2019


Design globally, construct locally. Topos 2 is a project designed by z-level architecture for Modernaria, a shop and workspace for restored 60’s pieces in Florence. Based on Polytopo construction system, implemented admirably by local craftsmen in Florence.

April 2018

Polytopo - Florence
Topos 2 is happening  in Florence! Following our project Topos 1, in the Keramikos area of Athens, we have been asked to apply our Polytopo system to a store and workspace for restored 60’s pieces in Florence.

See more>>

April 2018


 We are happy to participate to the annual architectural institution, Open House Athens 2018, with our Polytopo project 

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February 2018


Mountain retreat in Taygetos, Laconia, Greece Work in progress. Implementation of metal structure

November 2017


Architecture with a Social Impact – The Athens We Need We are pleased to announce our participation at the architecture panel ‘The Athens We Need’, discussing about the design of modern cities, neighborhoods, communities , villages and their needs.

See the event>>

See the architectural panel>>

July 2017


Voluntary initiative to help in the reconstruction of the village Vrissa after the earthquake of 12 June 2017 

June 2017

arch points invitation

ArchPoints 2017  We invite you all at our office on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of June between 11 am and 7 pm to meet, discuss and interact with us. Looking forward seeing you all. See Event>>

June 2017

arch point

ArchPoints 2017  Our office is excited to announce our participation in the Arch Points 2017 event which will take place on the 9th till the 11th of June 2017. See Event>>

May 2017


Renovation of a Listed House in Thiseio, Athens  We are thrilled to work on challenging and exciting projects like this fantastic listed house

April 2017


Domes Awards 2017 “Eleven best built works of 2012-2016” Our Project Polytopo was awarded by Domes Architectural Magazine under the category “Eleven best build works of 2012-2016” See Project>>

April 2017


Open House 2017 A great ending at a great event. Thank you all for visiting our participation in the Open House 2017.

April 2017


 Mountain retreat in Taygetos, Laconia, Greece  Excavation process has began

April 2017

open house page 1

This year we participate to the annual architectural institution, Open House Athens 2017, with our M.M HOUSE residential project.



October 2016


LESVOS New commission for a family house in Lesvos.

October 2016


ELEYTHEROUPOLI New commission for a single family residence.

September 2016


MAINA  has been shortlisted at East Centric Arhitext Awards competition within East Centric Triennale 2016 from Bucharest. The project is among the 5 finalists for Regeneration section of East Centric Arhitext Awards. The competition features all the projects from Central and Eastern Europe that have been selected and published by the editorial board of Arhitext review in the past 3 years.

April 2016

open house page 1

This year we participate to the annual architectural institution, Open House Athens 2016, with two of our residential projects.



February 2016

pierce for site

PIERCE COLLEGE + STUDENTS An inspiring interactive presentation about Piece College  Architecture designed by K. Doxiadis to the students of the 7th grade. Unique experience.

February 2016

polikatikia xana gia site copy

Under Construction Polykatoikia Xana

november 2015


KATOPSIS  (plan view),  Αn artistic installation in collaboration with a visual artist, a musician and an architect.

november 2015


Polykatoikia Xana, Renovation Strategy

november 2015


Notre ntam’  was selected to participate in the Piranesi 2015 exhibition and to claim the international Piranesi Award for 2015. Z-Level architecture – Elena Zervoudakis is one of the five greek nominated architects, selected to participate in the international Piranesi Awards 2015, with the architecture work  Notre ntam’, built up in last two years. See exhibition photos>>

september 2015


may 2015


New commission for a landscape project in Rhodes

february 2015

20_0076 BRAB DOMES 180315

Z-level has been  distinguished in “Domes Awards 2015” organised by Domes International Review of Architecture. Maina, a project for restoring and adding to a tower-house, converting it to a traditional holiday villa in Mani, received Honorable mention in the category “Best Built Project of the years 2011-2014” Read more >>  Domes>>

november 2014


Renovation of a listed athinian house in Thisio

may 2014


 Mountain retreat in Taygetos, Laconia, Greece