Three in cave residences by the sea in Meganisi island
Year: 2019-building permit

The design intention of the new buildings is to have the least interference in the landscape. For that reason the buildings have been chosen to be “in‐cave” buildings in order to achieve the lowest possible environmental footprint, since they are not visible from the road and at the same time from the sea side are distinguished as horizontal linear slits in the ground.

The big challenge of the distinguished position is treated vice versa as a place of concealment and integration in the landscape. The purpose is the residences to have the maximum unobstructed view and, at the same time, privacy for their users in a way not to interfere in the natural landscape.

The interior spaces have the best view remaining hidden beneath the ground while the exteriors are placed on the south side protected by the strong winds and the mighty sun at sunset. All exteriors that are connected with the building, whether semi-open or shaded with shelters, are contained in the linear volume, avoiding additional constructions.