Travelling exhibitions for the 2004 Olympic Games travelled around the world to spread the message of the Games. Light  constructions that could be adjusted to suit any available space, were easy to put together and dismantle .

“Olympic Games on a human scale”

Location : ITB Berlin, WWTM London
Date: 2002

Athletics are directly related to the human body. The body defines and at the same time limits the human measure, which is expressed by measuring the athletes’ records: Their efforts in each instance to reach the limits of human capacity and at the same time to exceed those limits, establishing an inexhaustible set of new boundaries to reach.
The construction consists of a lighted curved surface with computerized data. Its form is related to ancient theatre and stadium, and serves to welcome entrance.
A slanted floor invited the visitor to the interior of the construction. The floor is a compound surface, which is related to great moments of the games. The slope of the surface allows the positioning of various objects, providing a more emotional aspect of the games.
Three light foundations, similar to those of the metal award, rise up from the floor and reference the three times Greece hosted the Olympic Games, supplying information about each event.
Cubit, their height shows the athletes’ records, at high jump. Visitors can perceive the height in relation to their own size.







“The Olympic Games return to Greece”

Location: ITB berlin WTM London
Date: 2003

The starting point is the return of the Games and from that point we attempted to provide a visual definition of the essence of being Greek, distilled through time, combining significance and visions of what this means for ancient and modern times.
We tried to develop a 40 m2 space into a graded construction, which will reflect in a minimal way the ultimate visions of the graded arrangement of the Greek landscape and of many monuments.
This creates a space, with a focal point that centres the construction and symbolizes the meaning of hestia, or hearth – a point where tension is created and then disseminated, trying to emphasize the vital meaning of hestia for the Olympic Games with the spread of the Olympic spirit through the world.












“Olympic Games and Numbers”

Location: International Exhibition of Thessalonica
Date: 2002

Athens and Greece will step up in intensity and scale for the first time. We will respond to impressive size and numbers. In order to emphasize the human measure and the individual’s participation in the whole, we created a tale, where the hero will drink 1 liter milk of the 150,000 litres consumed, in the morning. He will sleep in one of the 2,292 houses of the Olympic village. Then, he meets one of the 60,000 volunteers and will compete in one of the 296 disciplines, in one of the 36 athletic venues. We perceive and identify the relationship between the individual and the whole of objects that will be needed and used for the realization of the Games.
The proposal functions on 2 levels. At first the tale evolves in one light wavy surface at eye level. This surface draws a course in space and welcomes the visitor to participate. Along this course we distinguish the values of the Games, in relation to the emotions and the numbers. At a second level, on the surrounding walls there are designs of the magnitude of the whole organization and accomplishment of the Games. Visitors, passing by certain points in space, can hear for a few seconds a sound (heart beat of the athlete in stadium full of people, applause), emphasizing and communicating emotions and participation.